Navigating Youth Beyond Pornography Addiction

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Life changing therapy for teens addicted to porn

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Teens Addicted to Pornography

Disrupting Patterns Early

We firmly believe the earlier in life a young person can learn to manage their urges to view pornography, the greater the likelihood they can live a life free from sexual addiction.  Many adults addicted to pornography were exposed and became addicted as youth.  It is far wiser to face the problem as a young person, rather than waiting until later in life to deal with the addiction when it has had many years to become an ingrained pattern of behavior.

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Helping Teens Overcome Porn Addiction

Because of the ease of access to explicit media and the potency of today's pornography, increasing numbers of parents are faced with the difficult and uncomfortable task of addressing the topic of pornography use by their children.  Unfortunately increasing numbers of teens are becoming addicted to online pornography.  Many are uncertain about how to handle these situations and where to turn for help when the use of pornography by a child becomes habitual.  Research suggests that most pornography and sexual addictions begin during adolescence.  Unfortunately, most people don't seek treatment until later in life when the problem has become more pervasive.  

The Youth Pornography Addiction Center

was established in response to the growing number of teens becoming addicted to viewing pornography and the need for professional help to break free from the addiction.

We provide two levels of intervention for youth and their families who are dealing with the problem of pornography addiction.

1. Outpatient Therapy

2.  Wilderness Therapy

Hope for Overcoming Porn and Tech Addiction

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