Change your child's life: Summer program for teen pornography addiction

Since its creation, The Youth Pornography Addiction Center has learned three important facts about teen pornography addiction as we have worked with youth and their families from all parts of the world who are battling porn addiction:

1. The pornography addiction almost always begins in the late child or early adolescent years.


Is your child struggling to overcome.png

2. Pornography addiction leads to more developmental issues and is a gateway into a variety of serious sexual, legal, relational and mental health problems.

3. Most addicted children and teens can't beat the addiction without help.


We have also learned that sometimes outpatient counseling is not enough to break the addiction, particularly when the teen's behaviors begin to pose a safety risk to themselves our to others.  For situaitons such as these, we are excited to let you know about our newest program STAR Guides Wilderness.


This program provides parents with a life-changing treatment option when outpatient counseling is not sufficient to deal with the problems including:


-When the addiction becomes a risk to the teen’s safety.

-When the addiction becomes a risk to others’ safety.

-When outpatient treatment fails.

-When the youth is resistant to treatment.

Watch this short video clip to learn more about the Star Guides Wilderness Therapy Program or call us at 800.584.4629!