"Recovery for LDS Youth Striving to Conquer Pornography Addiction" 


Mending the Armor is a treatment program uniquely designed for LDS youth and their parents and is available in numerous counseling offices around the country. The program utilizes group therapy sessions with individual and family therapy sessions being provided as needed. The treatment is provided by licensed LDS psychotherapists. The program uses the curriculum Breaking Free: A Therapeutic Workbook for LDS Youth Struggling with Pornography Addiction and Its Accompanying Behaviors.

Mending The Armor for youth is a program has been uniquely designed for LDS teens combating pornography addiction and other compulsive sexual behaviors. This program incorporates the latest clinical methods for treating teens, with a firm belief that spirituality and adherence to gospel principles is an essential part of the recovery process. Youth are guided to an understanding of the importance of working with their bishop. Youth are introduced to LDS 12 step principles.  

Youth who participate in the program come to more fully understand pornography addiction and its accompanying behaviors while being provided the opportunity to develop skills to eliminate the addiction from their lives. Youth gain awareness of the addiction cycle, the science of pornography addiction, the underlying emotional issues leading to addiction, thinking errors and most importantly, the program provides a strong focus on abstinence maintenance and the creation of a recovery plan for youth to use for maintaining long term abstinence after they have completed treatment.

The program occurs in a weekly youth treatment group and provides a safe and confidential environment wherein youth work on issues with support of other young people struggling with similar issues. Youth participate in treatment groups of no more than eight creating opportunities for trust and brotherhood to be established. Each group session is conducted under the guidance of a professional therapist trained in the area of pornography and sexual addiction. Youth track their abstinence and are accountable to their treatment group for it. Successful graduation from the program requires completion of the Breaking Free workbook and 90 days of abstinence from compulsive sexual behavior issues. Most youth complete the program in the range of three to six months. Youth are welcome to continue to attend even beyond completing program requirements.


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