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Helping Teens Overcome Porn Addiction

Because of the ease of access to explicit media and the potency of today's pornography, increasing numbers of parents are faced with the difficult and uncomfortable task of addressing the topic of pornography use by their children.  Unfortunately increasing numbers of teens are becoming addicted to online pornography.  Many are uncertain about how to handle these situations and where to turn for help when the use of pornography by a child becomes habitual.  Research suggests that most pornography and sexual addictions begin during adolescence.  Unfortunately, most people don't seek treatment until later in life when the problem has become more pervasive.  

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The Youth Pornography Addiction Center is part of a family of programs focused on adolescent treatment. Click below to learn more.


Renewed Hope Ranch is a leading clinical residential treatment center for teenage girls. 


STAR Guides is the country’s premier wilderness treatment program for teens with technology, pornography and sexual addictions.


Therapy Associates is a national leader in providing professional assessment and treatment services for children, teens, parents and families.

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